Friday, December 08, 2017

No more Shark Feeding in French Polynesia?

Problematic - unregulated Elasmobranch feeding with snorkelers. Source.

Remember this stupidity?

Alas, it ain't going away - on the contrary!
According to this piece, the new Environmental Law of French Polynesia is targeting both Elasmobranch feeding and Whale watching, see page 2416ff. The law has been published without any proper scientific backing and zero consultations with the concerned stakeholders, and the operators are said to be in a state of shock. Both activities have been a mainstay of French Polynesia's tourism industry for many decades, and in the case of Shark diving both in baited and unbaited conditions, many constant refinements that have taken place of the years make this one of the most sustainable, exhilarating and safe such activities anywhere.

The rules are still to be translated into specific regulations. 
So here's to cooler heads prevailing, and that this will merely result in better management and supervision, which is probably a good thing - this NOT because of the infamous Tiger Shark dives at the Vallée Blanche that are actually extremely well conducted and very safe indeed, but because of the many unregulated snorkeling tours with Reefies and Stingrays in baited conditions, see e.g. here that are definitely a cause for concern.

So I remain hopeful - for now!
French Polynesia is awash with excellent Shark researchers who have collected a plethora of data and can easily inform the authorities. Right now as a friend remarks c'est bien n'importe quoi - and one can most certainly do better.

To be continued no doubt - keep watching this space!

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Saturday, December 02, 2017

They're at it already!

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Yes those would definitely be mating scars!
This is way, way early - but then again, this has been a very warm year likely leading to strong fetal development and a very early pupping season, too! To wit, Fold, Tip and Bum are already back from the nurseries all gaunt and ravenous, and busy bulking up after more than a month of fasting!

Long story short, the Running of the Bulls may be upon us very shortly indeed!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Tiger Tiger Tiger - and one more Tiger!

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This has been epic.
We had a shy Tiger on the first dive and then, three different Tigers, among which the big and ever feisty BRAT, see at top, on the second dive.
For us, this would be a historical first.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Lupe - same old same old!

Oh FFS - read this.

Indeed, fucking image of the day no less - click for detail!
And of course, it's once again the fucking Sea Escape and the bloody Ramsey chick along with her demented circular echo chamber of self-promoting #Instagram sharkettes
For years now, those bloody attention-seeking disrespectful morons have been brazenly breaking the rules at Guadalupe and adding insult to injury by publicly flaunting their idiotic feats on social media. And let there be no doubt that starting with the name of the head Shark molester, it's nothing but one big calculated scam, a continuous celebration of gratuitous vanity and a succession of vacuous platitudes where the animals are merely being abused as props and conduits to perceived fame and money.
Seriously, what a fucking disgrace - the perpetrators and those who applaud them!

And the fucking authorities?
Is it really true that they are too corrupt, or too cowardly to finally enforce their own rules, and to finally cancel the license of the operator and finally ban those people?

We shall see shall we not!
The world is watching!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Parque Nacional Revillagigedo!

¡Viva México!
This really is fantastic news - announcement here, story here.

This is hands down one of the best dive destinations in the world.
You will be witnessing some of the most iconic species whilst being serviced by one of the most professional, most luxurious and safest operators in the industry, GSD member Nautilus Liveaboards.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

How NOT to experience Cage Diving with GWS!

Oh for crying out loud.

Have you seen this?
So after all that has happened - the cage breaches, the injured animals, the idiotic and illegal out-of-cage expeditions, the countless meetings and debates and then finally, the several revisions of the rules, and all those other efforts to finally steer the cage diving industry in Guadalupe towards a more long-term sustainable future,
  • How can the Islander in any way endorse those images of the chick repeatedly breaking the rules by completely leaning out of the cage? 

  • And why was she allowed to handle the bait? 

  • And assuming that the latina at the end, with the SEMARNAT and CONANP shirt  is an observer: WTF was she doing whilst that stupidity was enfolding - maybe having an extended siesta? Honi qui mal y pense - right?
I'm quite confident that now that I'm posting this, somebody will take notice. :)

To be continued no doubt!

Don't eat the Reef Fish!


Remember this post?
Now I discover that Palau is planning to build an offshore fleet in order to fish for Tuna and other pelagics within 20% of its EEZ - and that is a good thing, and this not only economically but also ecologically! 
With the Pacific Islands running out of Fish due to a combination of rampant overfishing, habitat destruction and climate change (read it - this is truly frightening shit!), reducing the consumption of coastal Fish in favor of pelagic species becomes increasingly important - and this by both locals and visitors.

Really interesting paper here.
Required reading!